Sunday, December 8, 2013

Photography of Nature and The Female Form

I decided to put together a photography slideshow of some of my work with music for your enjoyment.  These are selected images of nature and the female form.  All images are tasteful and work safe.  Enjoy!

Monday, December 2, 2013

New and Unique Fine Art Photographs Holiday Sale!

Melanie Metz Photography HOLIDAY SPECIAL! 

Please enjoy browsing the new images I have posted on the website today on the homepage.  I have made a few available for sale for the holidays.  All images in the Fine Art SALE gallery are set at discounted prices. 

ALSO!  Use the coupon code below to get an ADDITIONAL 25% OFF of any purchase from the website,  There is no limit to the number of items.  This 25% OFF is also good with the items in the SALE gallery.  When you go to check out online, there will be a place to enter the coupon code before payment is made.  The discount is good up to a total of $200 off.

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Go to and choose from galleries of Landscapes, Weather, Animals and Fine Art Nudes.  Select from a variety of options, including Prints, Canvas, Thin Wraps (ready to hang), and Metallic prints. 

A woman is lifted elegantly and playfully by a domestic elephant.

Another combination of two rare photographs by Melanie Metz to create a ghostly form of a woman merged with the field under and approaching storm.
A unique photograph by Melanie Metz of the back of a nude woman displaying the image/ projection of a tree.

Stunning Photography Book as a Holiday Gift SPECIAL DEAL for CYBER MONDAY

HAPPY CYBER MONDAY!  I hope you have been enjoying the excitement and good cheer of the holiday season.  It's such a wonderful time of year as we gather with friends and family to share love and memories.  And there is so much uplifting energy with all the activity, celebrations, stunning lights, decorations and fun events.  Enjoy it all!

Now it's time to get that gift shopping done.  Cyber Monday is great because it's so much easier to shop online and not have to WAIT in line!  Today, and throughout the week, prices have been REDUCED by 10% for our new TWISTER SISTERS STORM CHASING Photography book, Ten Years in Tornado Alley.  This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves nature, storms, weather, or just inspirational, stunning photography.  All images are rare, unique captures from over TEN years of hunting down the elusive storm throughout all of Tornado Alley.   

This gift is something you can also feel good about as 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help those affected by tornadoes, severe weather and other natural disasters.

You can preview the entire book below and in full screen mode.  The prices you see during checkout are the reduced prices. 

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