Saturday, May 4, 2013

Waiting on the Weather

Still waiting for the weather to warm up. Can you believe with the wind chill the air felt like 27 degrees yesterday? May 3rd? Amazing. It's supposed to climb into the 70's soon, thank goodness. I have a stylized photo shoot setup with Jill Hyland on May 19th at the Renaissance Fairgrounds. Should be lots of fun, as long as the weather is decent! Looking forward to the shoot.

And here's a photo for the day....a large tornado touching down near Salina, KS on April 14th of 2012.  Wow, what a different spring that was!!  It was hot by May last year.  This year we're still waiting for all the snow to melt.  This tornado was big, but miraculously dissipated before the storm hit the town of Salina.  Thank God! 


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